A Remarkable Seafood Soup Spot(Donghae haemultang) near Dongdaemun in Korea

Enjoying Korean dish(A Bowl Full of Ocean Delights_Donghae haemultang) near Dongdaemun

One of my favorite food is Korean style seafood stew(haemultang). Korean calls the stew “Haemul-tang“.

Today, I’d like to introduce a wonderful restaurant that I often visit.

This restaurant serves up the fresh taste of the ocean in the form of a hearty seafood soup.

This restaurant’s name is Donghae haemultang.

the photo of Donghaehaemultang.
The Korean Style Seafood Restaurant _Donghaehaemultang

* Address: 12 Changsin 2-gil, Changsin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul (Google Map Link)

google map pohto_Donghaehaemultang
google map_Donghaehaemultang


Additional tip: This restaurant is near Dongdaemun Station, so it is convenient to come by public transportation. Parking is not possible, and it is recommended that you visit a small market alley while looking at Google Maps.

I introduced previously Hot Spo(the dongdaemun design plaza) near Dongdaemun Station. You can enjoy this food after visiting there.

Enjoying Dongdaemun History & Culture Park(And DDP[Dongdaemun Design Plaza])


The soup here is filled with a variety of fresh seafood.

The variety of seafood, from squid, octopus, and cuttlefish to mussels and clams, is especially impressive at reasonable prices.

The freshness of the seafood in particular stands out, making a lasting impression.

Because the seafood is so fresh, each ingredient maintains its own flavor, creating a clean yet flavor throughout the soup.

Additionally, the broth here is truly special. The umami and savory flavors from the seafood blend harmoniously, allowing you to savor a profound depth of taste.


the photo of haemultang
impressive haemultang



This restaurant’s menu is shown in the picture below.

photo of menus_Donghaehaemultang
haemultang menus_Donghae haemultang


Detailed English menu

I made the entire menu into a more detailed English menu.

the Photo of haemultang Menu_stew&soup(Donghaehaemultang)


the photo of menu_Steamed types(Donghaehaemultang)
menu_Steamed type(Donghaehaemultang)


the photo of menus of Beverages&Alcohol(Donghaehaemultang)
menus of Beverages&Alcohol(Donghaehaemultang)


the photo of additional menus
the additional menus

Ginseng for salads

This restaurant gives ginseng for salads when serving a variety of side dishes.

the photo of Ginseng for salads
Ginseng for salads

If you dip this ginseng in dark brown Bellflower root extract and eat it raw, it is the best to boost your appetite and feel healthy.


It was also interesting that the son of the restaurant owner and his wife welcomed customers by speaking various languages.

But it’s a pity that he’s gone on a long trip these days and I can’t see him anymore.

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