(2) Korean Catholic Hymn 136 by My Grandson – “Jesus is resurrected”

(2) Playing Korean Catholic Hymn in the Catholic Church’s Youth Mass

 “Jesus is resurrected”

A sheet music picture of Korean Catholic Hymn 136.
136_Jesus is Resurrected



Korean Catholic Hymn 136, known as “Jesus is Resurrected,” holds a special place within the Korean Catholic tradition, particularly during Easter observances.

It echoes the core tenet of Christianity—the resurrection of Jesus Christ—with a fervor that reflects the deep faith and cultural nuances of Korean Catholicism.


Compared to Western hymns, Korean Catholic hymnody often exhibits a unique fusion of traditional Western musical styles with elements drawn from Korean musical heritage. This blend creates a rich tapestry of sound and meaning, enriching the worship experience for believers.




“Jesus is Resurrected” likely resonates with themes of triumph, hope, and redemption common in both Western and Korean hymns.

Yet, it reflects Korean culture, using imagery, language, and music to convey Christ’s victorious resurrection.

Unlike Western hymns, it’s emotive and celebratory, inviting worshippers into the joy of Christ’s resurrection.

“Jesus is Resurrected” speaks universally of Easter, while honoring Korean Catholic heritage, blending global Christian worship styles.


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