(1) Korean Catholic Hymn 221 by My Grandson – “Please Receive”

(1) Playing Korean Catholic Hymn in the Catholic Church’s Youth Mass

I would like to share awarming story about my grandson’s participation in the Catholic Church Youth Mass praise and worship.

He has been given an amazing opportunity to showcase his musical talent playing the accompaniment during the Mass.

His role involves providing melodic support for Korean Catholic Hymn and worship songs, enriching the worship experience of the congregation.

I feel immense joy when I see him actively participating in the Mass and using his musical skills to serve the church community.

Through this experience, he not only enhances his musical abilities but also deepens his faith and fosters a sense of belonging within the church.

This highlights the importance of youth participation and their contribution to the Korean Catholic community.

I am incredibly proud and grateful for my grandson’s meaningful expression of faith through music.



 “Please Receive”

Photo of Korean Catholic Hymn 221_ "Please Receive"
Korean Catholic Hymn 221 “Please Receive”



“Please Receive” is a beloved hymn in the Korean Catholic Church.

The title “Please Receive” captures the essence of this hymn’s main message.

It is a fervent prayer, imploring God to graciously hear our prayers and petitions as we earnestly seek His guidance.

This hymn expresses a heartfelt desire to receive God’s love and grace, seek forgiveness for our sins and weaknesses, and diligently pursue His guidance.

“Please Receive” is known as a hymn that brings comfort and hope to believers.

When we sing this hymn, we strengthen our faith and have the opportunity to offer our trust and petitions to God.

The lyrics and melody of this hymn deeply move and comfort believers.

Typically, musicians accompany it with instruments such as piano or organ, creating a beautiful musical backdrop.

Korean Catholics hold “Please Receive” in a special place in their hearts as a cherished hymn that believers sing and love, finding solace and strength.

My grandson conveys the emotions and meaning of this hymn with sincerity and reverence through his performance.

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