Cambodia Siem Reap restaurant review (3)_Korean Restaurant KIMCHI

Siem Reap restaurant_Kimchi

Today, I would like to introduce a Korean restaurant(Siem Reap restaurant) that was more delicious than the local area in Korea.

Photo of the Kimchi restaurant's entrance


This restaurant was right in front of the main gate of the hotel(Somadevi Angkor Resort & Hotel) where I stayed.

Google Map: Sivatha Rd, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia(google map link)

google map_from hotel Somadevi angkor Resort & Spa to Kimchi

google map_Siem Reap restaurant Kimchi


Outstanding taste of Korean food

I visited to solve my curiosity about the taste.

The restaurant is not large in size, but the interior is very clean with white tones, and above all, it was so cool because there was an air conditioner.

photo of a Kimchi restaurant's inside
The inside of a Siem Reap restaurant Kimchi

The previous post introduced only local restaurants that I could never taste in Korea, where I lived.

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The Korean restaurant kimchi I visited on the last day made me feel like I was in Korea, not Cambodia.

Like Korea, this restaurant serves side dishes(Korean calls these Banchan) when you order food for free.

Photo of side dish(Korean calls Banchan)
Banchan_side dish_Siem Reap restaurant Kimchi

Korean Foods

On this day, I ordered kimchi pancake, tteokbokki, and spicy stir-fried spicy pork soybean paste stew.

And the taste was more local and delicious than in Korea.

photos of Korean foods at Kimchi
Korean foods in Siem Reap_Siem Reap restaurant Kimchi


The real taste of Korea in Combodia

The price was similar to general local famous food. And I could use the credit card.

Also, the Korean male boss was very kind, so I felt very good from the order to the payment.

My guide Mengcho said this Korean restaurant had more locals than Koreans.

It was a restaurant where you could eat very delicious Korean food which is the real taste of Korea, not the local taste.

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