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Enjoying Jongno

Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to a hidden gem in the charming neighborhood of Pyeongchang-dong within the Jongno-gu district of Seoul – Tosog Kalguksu.

Tosog Kalguksu – A Taste of Tradition

Our stop is ‘Tosog’, a restaurant famed for its delicious ‘Kalguksu’. Tosog means “native”.

So They prepare food using a traditional beef bone broth base and sell meat pancakes, a high-quality traditional food.

* address: 345 Pyeongchang-gil, Pyeongchang-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul (Google Map Link)

Additional tip: Parking is right up the hill on the right with the restaurant, and you can park for free for 2 hours. And the restaurant is closed on every Monday.

Pyeongchang-dong in Jongno is also famous for its rich neighborhood. Pyeongchang-dong was known for its upscale housing options, including large single-family homes, apartments, and luxury condominiums.

And the neighborhood was home to affluent individuals and families, including business executives, diplomats, and other high-income professionals. The neighborhood was known for its safety and security, which is generally the case in many affluent areas of Seoul.

For those unfamiliar with Korean cuisine, Kalguksu is a traditional noodle soup whose name literally translates to “knife-cut noodles”.

The Won-kalguksu restaurant introduced previously has delicious kalguksu, but the place introduced this time is a much more luxurious and clean restaurant.

동묘 수제비, 칼국수 맛집_원칼국수


Tosog’s charm lies not only in its mouthwatering food but also in its atmosphere.

This restaurant, located on a high hill, looks like an ordinary Korean home.

I wondered if I have to take off my shoes to enter because the entrance is shaped like the entrance to a regular home. But You don’t have to take off your shoes!

Entrance photos of Tosog Kalguksu restaurant
Tosog Kalguksu



This restaurant’s menu is shown in the picture below. All basic base broths are beef bone soup. And they sell kalguksu, dumplings, Korean traditional pancakes and so on.

Photo of translated Tosog Menu
Tosog Menu


Unlimited Kimchi

As indicated on the menu above, you can take as much kimchi (cabbage, radish) as you want on the table.

The radish kimchi, called Kkakdugi, was sour due to a lot of fermentation, and the cabbage kimchi was fresh kimchi.

Photos of Tosog's Kimchi
Tosog’s Kimchi(cabbage, radish)_ Korean dish called Banchan


Various dishes

I ordered various dishes because of being with my family. I ordered various menus and tried it, and the meat pancakes were the best. It was soft and savory, like melting in the mouth, like eating cotton candy, without feeling like it was roasted with egg water on the meat.

photos of menus which I oredered
Menus(Korean dish) that I oredered


So dear readers who are planning their trip to Seoul or those currently exploring this vibrant city – do include these spots in your itinerary!

You’re sure to leave with fond memories that encapsulate true Korean flavors and hospitality.

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