Creamy’s Out of the Hospital_A prescription meal for pancreatitis (Royal Canin)

Out of the Hospital

Not long ago, I reported that my dog Shih Tzu Creamy was hospitalized for pancreatitis.

My shih-tzu puppy with pancreatitis

After 3 nights and 4 days of hospitalization, I decided to give Creamy an outpatient treatment and finally discharged!

Despite her short hospital staying, Creamy was emaciated. He could discharge after getting a prescription meal for pancreatitis (Royal Canin)

Photo of going my dog Shih Tzu Creamy home after treatment for pancreatitis.
The Creamy’s discharge from the hospital


Hospital bills

Hospital expenses totaled 1.47 million won($1,134), including 380,000 won ($292) for outpatient treatment the day before hospitalization and about 1.09 million won ($842) during hospitalization.

Photo of Hospital's Receipt
Receipt of Hospital expense


It is a vip hospital that takes 24-hour treatment, and although it costs a lot to treat and be hospitalized on holidays, it is true that it is still very burdensome.

However, if only the dog could be healthy, I was fortunate to be able to treat it at this cost.

And if there were no other diseases for three months after the last treatment, I could get insurance. So I thought I would have to get insurance afterwards.


A prescription meal_Royal Canin for pancreatitis

At discharge, he was prescribed canned food from Royal Canine.

Home treatment began, which required no bathing for a week after discharge, and required taking prescription meals and prescription anti-vomiting drugs.

Currently, he weighs 1.3 kilograms, and he was instructed to provide two prescriptions of 4 teaspoons, and then increased by 1 teaspoons every day for a week to provide 11 teaspoons each time until the next visit.

A prescription meal
A prescription meal for pancreatitis


I was satisfied that the Royal Canin prescription meals for pancreatitis are carefully balanced to provide the right nutrients while minimizing ingredients that can exacerbate the condition.

They typically have lower fat content to ease the workload on the pancreas.

Photos of hungry boy
hungry boy which ate the prescription meal_Royal Canin for pancreatitis


It’s only been two days yet, but since he ate the prescription meal, he has always been hungry and had no energy. So he has spent more time lying down.


I hope he can take prescription meals and medicine for a week and recover his health well.

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