Cambodia Siem Reap restaurant review (2)_Jungle Burger

Siem Reap restaurant_Jungle Burger

I introduced the Traditional Cambodian food restaurant(Khmer Kitchen Restaurant) at previous post. Today’s restaurant to introduce is “Jungle Burger”.

This restaurant’s full name is “Jungle Burger Sports Bar and Bistro”. They are selling various burgers.

This is also recommended by the local guide “Mengcho”.  And it is also famous for a famous Korean basketball player(Joo-yeop Hyun) visiting and eating burgers.

Jungle Burger entrance in Siem Reap
Jungle Burger_Siem Reap

Jungle Burger Sports Bar and Bistro(website:

Google Map: Soksan Road, 17253 upper, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia(google map link)

Menues at jungle burger in Siem Reap
Menues_Jungle burger from website

This restaurant was not big. And it might be sweaty because there was no air conditioner.

However, it was a restaurant that is open on all sides and tolerable because there were many fans.


You can go this restaurant by taking tuktuk for a basic fare(1$) in the Siem Reap city.

Around this restaurant, there are cost-effective massage shop(The spa Siem Reap), restaurant(Khmer Kitchen Restaurant), and pub street that were introduced before.

So after the meal, you can enjoy the pub street or massage.

google map to go to the Jungle burger_Siem Reap in the Cambodia
Jungle burger in Siem Reap city

Experiences for burgers

My family ordered various burgers_The JBs Burger, Deep Blue Sea Burger, and so on…. I don’t remember all of them now.

The Burger Patty tasted very good and fried potato also was really good.

At that time, I ordered the salad instead of fried potato.

But  the salad was not good for me. Because I couldn’t feel any taste at the salad sauce except the taste of mayonnaise.

If you have to choose side menu at there, I recommend fried potato. It is very good!

Burgers at Jungle Burger Sports Bar and Bistro in Siem Reap
Various burgers_Jungle Burger(Siem Reap)


Considering that it is a handmade burger, the price is cheap.

And Taste? After meal, my family discussed burger’s taste.

And as a result, it was concluded that the menu named after the restaurant is the best choice.

In other word, JBs Burger is best choice I think.

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