AdSense account suspended_invalid traffic prevention

AdSense Ad Discontinuation Recognition

Mail_Google Publisher Account Status

A mail I received suddenly while I was excited about running a blog after approval for AdSense!


The mail title was simply “Google Publisher Account Status”.

But looking at the contents, it was a terrifying story that the account was not advertised for 29 days and the account was suspended because invalid traffic was detected in the my account. 🙁

So I needed preventing AdSense invalid click.


AdSense account suspended_invalid traffic prevention
AdSense account suspended_invalid traffic prevention

Unlimited clicks on advertisements by acquaintances

The only reason behind the incident was that I bragged about the operation of my blog. As a result my acquaintances repeatedly clicked on the advertisement on the website because they thought it is helping me.

I vaguely thought that people with duplicate IPs would automatically filter out invalid if they kept clicking. But it was my fault. I never thought it would lead to this suspension of advertising.


How you can help to prevent invalid traffic from AdSence

First of all, I asked all my family and acquaintances not to click the advertisement on my blog. And in particular, I learned that I should never click on an ad on my blog.
How to prevent invalid traffic(AdSense)
How to prevent invalid traffic



I’m starting to wonder…..  If someone click on ads indiscriminately with malice in the future, what can I do?

Even an e-mail from Google was a one-sided notification that they would not accept comments about the suspension of my accounts.

However, AdSence is said that I can report suspicious invalid clicks, but I cannot receive a report reply.


* Invalid clicks contact form(

WordPress Plug-in

Fortunately, there is a plug-in that prevents invalid clicks for wordpress. As a precaution, install the plug-in!
Plug- in_preventing invalid click(AdSense)
Plug- in_preventing AdSense invalid click
After Activating this plug-in, set the details only in the red box and save it.
Plug-in setting_preventing invalid click(AdSense)
Plug-in setting_preventing AdSense invalid click
You can learn about the detailed description of this plug-in through YouTube videos(link).
After setting up, you need to modify and insert the ad code. If you use the plug-in to manage your ads, insert the following code before and after the ad code block.
inserting code_ AdSense account suspended_invalid traffic prevention
Inserting code(preventing AdSense invalid click)
Now just focus on writing and get away from the threat of invalid clicks!
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