Cambodia Ankgor Wat [Day 1_Angkor Thom, Ta phrom, Bantisrey_With Mengcho)] (7)

Angkor Wat with the Guide “Mengcho”

In mid-July 2023, I traveled Siem Reap, Cambodia, with ‘Mengcho’, a local Cambodian guide who can speak Korean. I found him by referring to Naver combodia travel  cafe and reviews of various blog posts. ‘Mengcho’ is a popular guide among Korean travelers, so I heard that I can’t get a guide unless making a reservation in advance. So I had a reservation after adding friends with KakaoTalk ID (KakaoTalk ID: “mengcho”). And I inquired about the travel schedule and itinerary.

Contact with “Mengcho”

After adding a KakaoTalk friend on April 1st, three months ago for a trip schedule in mid-July, I asked for a tour guide within the Angkor Wat ruins. But I couldn’t contact him right away, and after a while Around 9pm, I got an answer by KakaoTalk. He was a busy guide as he was famous as rumored.

I told him the itinerary of my trip(departure, arrival, hotel to stay, and the guide period). Then he immediately sent it to me as if he had a standardized travel plan. I accpeted all the travel destinations recommended by “Mengcho”. His suggestion included a moving vehicle(12-seater), fuel cost, and bottled water.

I finally departed after 3 months of requesting the tour guide. While waiting for a layover at Havana Airport, I contacted the guide to confirm the trip schedule.

This is my record of the first day.

The time difference is 2 hours later than Korea. So at the first day,  I woke up early because my body remembers the Korean time. 

The tour schedule within the Angkor Wat ruins for the first day was as follows.

Angkor Thom (South Gate, Bayon Temple, Bapun Temple, Elephant Terrace) -> Ta phrom Temple -> Lunch -> Bantisrey Temple

Buying The Ticket

You can buy tickets for Angkor Wat  through the Online(“Angkor Enterprise” website). But I purchased the ticket directly at the ticket counters near the entrance of the Angkor Archaeological Park.

Angkor Wat entrance fare_Buying the A Angkor Ticket
Angkor Wat entrance fare

Angkor Thom(South gate)

I heard that July-August is the rainy season in Cambodia. So I thought it would be cooler than the beginning of the year. But it didn’t rain at all in mid-July when I was there. According to the guide Mengcho, there is no rain due to the “El Nino” phenomenon.

Angkor Thom (South Gate) was the first place we arrived after going through the hot sun! Angkor Thom is not the name of a temple or palace. It was the name of a city where was the capital of the ancient Khmer Empire. It was a huge city that existed from the late 9th century to the early 15th century. There are well-preserved statues of snake-like creatures, the symbol of a divine being called “Naga,” as well as statues of evil and good gods from Hindu mythology.

Angkor Thom(South gate)_Angkor Wat(Siem Reap)
Angkor Thom(South gate)_Angkor Wat

Bayon Temple

After passing through the south gate of Angkor Thom, I reached Bayon Temple. It was very impressive because there were elaborate carvings of murals and sculptures depicting Hindu mythology and historical stories. 

And I could understand fully by listening to the explanation of the Hindu mythology and the history of the Khmer Empire through the guide Mengcho. During my trip to Cambodia, I felt that a guide was essential for a deep understanding of the historical sites.

If you had just watched and passed by without Mengcho’s explanation, it would have been old but well preserved, but the fun was doubled as I listened to the explanation of the historical meaning and details of the sculpture. As I listened to the explanation of the historical meaning and details of the sculpture, the fun was doubled.

Bayon Temple_Angkor Wat(Siem Reap)
Bayon Temple_Angkor Wat

Bapun Temple

The Bapun Temple was in the middle of the way to the Elephant Terrace. But I just looked at it from a distance. Because my guide adviced me that it is too old  it’s dangerous to approach or go up. At that time it was very hot that the feeling temperature was 40 degrees, so I didn’t have the energy to go loser. 🙂

Bapun Temple_Angkor Wat(Siem Reap)
Bapun Temple_Angkor Wat

Elephant terrace

The elephants are the sacred animals of Hinduism and Buddhism. And this terrace might have been used as a place for important national events and ceremonial events~~

Elephant terrace_Angkor Wat(Siem Reap)
Elephant terrace_Angkor Wat


Ta Phrom Temple

My guide explained that Ta Phrom Temple was a sacred place for Buddhism and the place to honor the mother of a king. The temple buildings have a mysterious and marvelous appearance as many trees and plants grow and cover the pillars and walls. And it was the Movie(Angelina Jolie’s “Tomb Raider” [2001]) background in which a large tree embraced the temple~ I saw the Tomb Raider movie once to visit this place, so I felt the temple’s harmony with nature even more beautiful.

Ta Prohm Temple_Angkor Wat(Siem Reap)
Ta Prohm Temple_Angkor War

Banteay Srey Temple

After visiting three places in the morning, I finally had lunch!!!!!! I went to a restaurant near the tourist attraction recommended by Mengcho to cool off, and then go to Banteay Srey Temple. The “Bantrey Temple” was a place to enshrine Hindu gods.

Unlike the previous temples, the Banteay Srey Temple was made of red sandstone and the sophistication of the temple stood out. And the sophistication of the sculpture was the best. As a result, I was deeply impressed.

Banteay Srey Temple_Angkor Wat(Siem Reap)
Banteay Srey Temple_Angkor Wat

The first day of Cambodia itinerary was so beautiful and magnificent as if going back to the ancient past. But the feeling temperature reached 40 degrees, so I was exhausted. And on the way back, Mengcho bought me Cambodian traditional rice cakes from the stalls of locals. They tasted like Korean sweet rice cakes with plenty of coconut flavor. It was a day when the kindness of Mengcho made us feel Korean affection.

Cambodian traditional rice cakes
Cambodian traditional rice cakes_Angkor Wat

I’ll tell you the schedule for the first day so far~~~~ This is enough for a day in Cambodia in July……Please refer to those planning a trip!!!!

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