Daehakro of Seoul near Naksan

You can enjoy Daehakro of Seoul near Naksan with various thing to do.

Daehakro is a street located in the Jongno-gu district of Seoul, South Korea. Daehakro is a hub for theaters, including smaller, independent ones.

The area is known for its diverse range of performances, from traditional Korean plays to contemporary productions.

You can explore the various theaters in the neighborhood to find shows that interest you.



I’ve been living in Jongno of Seoul for 55 years. So I’ve watched the changes in Daehakro with my own eyes.

Daehakro is a street located in the Jongno-gu district of Seoul, South Korea. It means the “Street of Universities”.

There was the Seoul National University, the best University in South Korea. Now, the university moved to another place a long time ago, but several universities sill remain.

The Daehakro close proximity to institutions several universities, including Sungkyunkwan University, and Korea National University of Communications.

Over the years, it has evolved into a popular destination for theaters, performance venues, art galleries, and cultural events, making it a significant hub for arts and entertainment in Seoul.


How to go there(Daehakro of Seoul near Naksan)?

Daehakro is situated in the northeastern part of Seoul’s city center and is easily accessible by public transportation or walk.

The closest subway station to Daehakro is Hyehwa Station (Line 4), which is just a short walk away from the main area.

For more information on public transportation, refer to my Transportation article (https://kmomsrecipe.com/2023/08/02/korean-transportationt-money/).

If you are in top of naksan to see the panoramic views of Seoul, you can go there by walk. It will require some time and effort as Naksan is a hill with varying steepness.

However, the walk can be enjoyable as you get to experience the surrounding neighborhoods and scenery.

The surrounding neighborhoods and scenery_Dearhakro
The surrounding neighborhoods and scenery_Dearhakro

Here’s a suggested walking route from the top of Naksan to Daehakro

  1. Start from the top of Naksan: Begin your walk from the peak of Naksan, where you can enjoy panoramic views of Seoul.
  2. Descend the Naksan Trail: There are several trails that lead down from Naksan. Choose one of the paths that take you towards the eastern or southeastern side of the hill.
  3. Walk towards Daehakro: As you descend Naksan, you’ll find yourself in the neighborhoods surrounding the hill. Head towards the direction of Hyehwa Station or Sungkyunkwan University, both of which are close to the Daehakro area.
  4. Reach Daehakro: Once you arrive near Hyehwa Station or Sungkyunkwan University, you’ll be in the Daehakro district. From there, you can explore the theaters and performance venues in the area.

Please note that Naksan Hill has multiple trails. Additionally, walking down a hill can be physically demanding, so make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes.


How to go to Daehakro by subway

  1. Find the nearest subway station: Depending on your exact location, the closest subway station could be different.
  2. Take subway Line 4(Blue Line) towards Hyehwa Station: From Dongdaemun Station or Myeongdong Station, board subway Line 4 heading towards Hyehwa Station.
  3. Get off at Hyehwa Station: Once you’re on Line 4 heading towards Hyehwa Station, ride the train until you reach Hyehwa Station. Hyehwa Station is on the same subway line, so there are no transfers required.
  4. Arrive at Daehakro: Upon exiting Hyehwa Station, you’ll be in the heart of Daehakro. The theater district is easily accessible from the station, and you can start exploring the various theaters, cafes, and cultural venues in the area. No matter which exit you take, it is a downtown area, so there is something to enjoy.
  5. Hyehwa Station is a significant transportation hub in the Daehakro district.

You can enjoy the vibrant cultural atmosphere of Daehakro as soon as you arrive.

Have a great time enjoying performances and eating various foods in Daehangro!

Room escape_Daehakro

These days, room escape is a trend in Daehangno.

“Room escapes” or “Escape rooms” are a popular interactive entertainment activity where participants solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy to complete the objectives at hand.

These objectives typically involve escaping from a themed room within a certain time limit.

If you have Korean friends with your trip, they can enjoy this game at Daehakro.

But if you don’t have Korean friends, there are English room escape game (https://www.rec-escape.com/)near Hongik University.

I will introduce the Hongik University later. Please try the room escape game! It’s very interesting!

room escape_Daehakro Enjoying
room escape_Daehakro

Shows in theaters_Daehakro

When visiting Seoul, it’s always a good idea to check the current schedules and availability of shows in theaters.

Websites like Interpark(http://www.globalinterpark.com/) often list upcoming performances and allow you to book tickets in advance.


Additionally, many theaters offer English subtitles or bilingual performances, making it easier for international audiences to enjoy the shows.

Korean Street food vendors

Deahakro has numerous street food vendors offering delicious Korean snacks and meals.

Explore the food options together and let your foreign friends try Korean delicacies like tteokbokki, mandu, or hotteok.

Street foods_Daehakro
Street foods_Daehakro

My Favorite restaurant

Korean BBQ “Samgyeopsal President”_Korean calls “Daetonglyeong”

I recommend a restaurant called “Samgyeopsal Daetonglyeong

“Daetonglyeong” means the President. This is my favorite pork belly restaurant.

And they sell pork belly is placed in bamboo barrels to mature. So the meat is tender and imbued with the scent of bamboo.

I think you can taste the essence of Korean BBQ at this restaurant.

You can also try other menus here, such as the Korean raw meat dish.

This is a popular spot with locals as well, so you can wait for a long time.

Daetonglyeong_Daehakro Korean BBQ Restaurant

Map(address): 249-24 Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 

Rolling Pasta

Rolling Pasta is a restaurant I’ve been to lately.

They sell menus in collaboration with Michelin Star Italian Chef Fabrizio Ferrari(His Youtube link).

It’s a chain store, but it’s cost-effective.

This restaurant is very convenient because they have a system where you can order in English and tap right at the seat, and even pay for it.

And You must bring your own pickled cucumber, water, plate, spoon and fork at the designated place.

Rolling Pasta_Daehakro
Rolling Pasta_Daehakro


Map(address): Seoul, Jongno-gu, Ihwa-dong, Daehak-ro 10-gil, 24 Second Floor

There, I especially like the mushroom gnocchi. I advise you definitely try it. The fragrant mushroom aroma and chewy texture of the gnocchi are excellent.

Gnocchi_Daehakro Rolling Pasta Restaurant
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