Cambodia Siem Reap Massage shop (6)

Cambodia Massage shop_Siem Reap 

I visited the famous cambodia massage shop in Siem Reap.

Everyday I got a massage on my trip to Cambodia after the trip. I visited two massage shops. One recommended by people who have traveled to Cambodia and the other recommended by my travel guide. Both are downtown, so you can walk from the hotel (My hotel_The Somadevi Angkor Resort & Spa _ or use a tuk tuk for the basic fee(1$).

map_Cambodia massage
map_Cambodia massage

map_Cambodia massage

Cost-effective massage_Cambodia Massage

The Cambodia is an cheap place to live. So most of the body massage fare were under $20…. I was very satisfied with the Cambodia Massage I got. Cambodian masseuse give a strong massage. I think that they is very pure, so they are really sincere and do their best.

The spa Siem Reap_Cambodia massage

My guide recommended ‘The Spa Siem Reap( He said that the fare became cheaper because there were fewer customers after the Covid-19. When I visit the shop, there were really discounts on all price tags. It is 3 minutes from my hote where I stayed by a tuk-tuk for $ 1. At there, the staff was very kind and masseues was very good.

Google Map Location(The spa Siem Reap) 

The spa Siem Reap
The spa Siem Reap

The spa Siem Reap_Cambodia Massage

The spa Siem Reap Fare_Cambodia massage

I didn’t like the oil massage, so I got massage with a 60-minutes dry Khmer massage($8) and a 30-minutes foot massage($5) together. I got a massage for over an hour and it was 13$! I gave a lot of tips because she worked so hard that she was sweaty.

You can’t use almost any kinds of credit(or debit) cards in many restaurants & shops in the Siem Reap tourist area, not in the city. But most in the city, You can pay the fare by almost any kind of cards. So I paid with a credit card and tipped with dollars at the massage shop.

The Lemongrass Garden_Cambodia massage

The second place I visit was ‘Lemongrass Garden(’. It was right next to my hotel within a 1-minute walk. It also has a neat interior, and the masseuses are good.

Lemongrass Garden_Cambodia Siem Reap Massage shop
Lemongrass Garden

Google Map Location(Lemongrass Garden)

At the spa Siem Reap, I didn’t need to change clothes. But I had to change clothes during a full body massage at Lemongrass garden. The clothes were clean, but it smelled a little oily. And I didn’t know how to tie it, so the staff helped me put it on…

In Lemongrass Garden, if you want a full-body massage, you go up to a private room of second floor. The stairs was too steep, so it was a little difficult to go up. After the next visit I got only a foot massage~

In the case of foot massage, they did a massage in the space behind the counter on the 1st floor with a curtain closed.

The Lemongrass Garden Fare_Cambodia massage

You can also pay the fare by a credit(or debit) card, and I gave the tips in cash to the masseuse after the massage. The masseuse did same type of massage in both places.

But the fare is different. Lemongrass Garden‘s fare is much more expensive. I was surprised that they massaged me in the same way and order. 

[ A 60-minutes dry Khmer massage(The spa Siem Reap: $8 / Lemongrass Garden  16$) and a 30-minutes foot massage(The spa Siem Reap: $5 / Lemongrass Garden  10$)]

My conclusion_Cambodia massage

I was satisfied with both places. But I visit Lemongrass Garden more frequently. Because the shop is more closer to my hotel and can be visited anytime.

 The Spa Siem Reap was much cheaper. But I’m sick of haggling about the tuk-tuk fare. The shop is a distance that can be reached with just 1$. But Every time tuk-tuk drivers kept bargaining for overcharges.

If you don’t have any inconvenience in haggling fare and moving in a tuk-tuk, The Spa Siem Reap is much better value for money.

If you are traveling to Siem Reap, Cambodia, try a massage every day after your trip!

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