2023 Korean Transportation(T-money) Card

Convenience of Korean transportation card  

Korean transportation card (T-money) is a convenient and versatile payment solution that simplifies travel and daily transactions for both locals and visitors in South Korea. In Korea, there are mainly two types of transportation card that can be transferred, Cashbee or T-money, but the T-money card is more common.

T-money card  Purchase 

Korean transportation(T-money) card is very convenient as it transfers between buses and subways. You can purchase a Korean transportation(T-money) card at any convenience store. It is said that transportation cards are sold at convenience stores and any other specific place. But it is difficult to find the other place except for convenience stores. It is most convenient to purchase them at convenience stores.

In Korea, there are numerous convenience stores all over the streets, so there is no need to worry about the location of convenience stores to purchase transportation cards.

T-money card  of  Minor Discount

You can use the T-money card with a price with a minor discount applied, If you buy T-money cards at specific convenience stores(GS25, CU, 7-Eleven, Ministop) and register with a minor’s date of birth.


But if you purchase a transportation card at any place other place, you can use the discount for minors only for 10 days

Be sure to register your Children(including Teenagers) date of birth after purchasing a T-money card at four convenience stores(GS25, CU, 7-Eleven, and Ministop).

Here’s how to use Korean Transportation(T-money) card:

1. Load Money:

Once you have the card, you need to load money onto it before using it for travel. You can add funds to the card at designated T-money kiosks, ticket vending machines, convenience stores.

* If you do not recharge through the online website, all recharges can only be made in cash. And the procedure for refunding the balance over 20,000 won(about 16$) is complicated, so it is wise to charge only about 10,000 won(about 8$) at a time. It is Also most convenient to recharge at a convenience store, as the staff will recharge it for you by giving you a card and cash.

2. Using the Card:

To use the T-money card for public transportation, simply tap it on the card reader as you enter and exit the vehicle or station.

* When entering a bus or subway, tap your card on the card reader at the front of the bus or the subway gate.

* The fare will be automatically deducted from your card balance. When exiting, tap the card reader again to complete your journey.

* If you do not tab your card when exiting, the fare may be deducted excessively. Don’t forget to take it twice(entering and exiting).

3. Transfers:

The T-money card allows for seamless transfers between different modes of transportation (e.g., bus to subway, subway to bus) within 30 minutes without incurring additional charges.

* The system calculates the transfer discounts automatically.

  When using the subway alone: ​​Fares based on distance

②  When using transfers: integrated distance proportional fare system   

* Regardless of the mode of transportation you transfer, there is no additional charge for short-distance transfers.

When using the bus alone: ​​single fare system

Early morning discount system (from the first train start time to 06:30): 20% discount on transportation card fare

4. Other Uses:

Apart from transportation, you can also use the T-money card for small purchases at convenience stores, and vending machines that accept T-money payments.

5. Checking Balance:

You can check your T-money card balance at ticket vending machines, T-money kiosks, and some convenience stores.

* To check your balance, you have to give your card to a convenience store clerk and ask. So it’s most convenient to check yourself at a machine at any subway station. 

Ticket vending machines in the subway station
Ticket vending machines in the subway station

6. Refunds:

If you no longer need the T-money card, you can get a refund for the remaining balance at designated locations. Keep in mind that there might be a small refund fee.

* Here, I only introduce refund methods at convenience stores and subway stations

Refund at convenience stores and subway stations

Refund Korean Transportation(T-money) card at convenience stores and subway stations
Refund Korean Transportation(T-money) card at convenience stores and subway stations

Guide to public transportation fares in Seoul

Guide to public transportation fares in Seoul
Guide to public transportation fares in Seoul

You can get more information about T-money card through  English T-money website for Foreigner(https://www.koreatourcard.kr/).

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